The Socialization Reason: At Daycamp or Playschool, your dog gets to interact with other dogs and people and to learn acceptable behaviors.

The Home Alone Reason: Dogs left unattended can exhibit depression and destructive behavior if deprived of the company of other pets and people. Some dogs have high energy needs and require acceptable energy outlets to avoid boredom and destructive behavior.

The Health and Fitness Reason: Like people, dogs require regular exercise in order to maintain cardiovascular fitness, as well as muscular strength and tone. All daycare and boarding dogs play in size-appropriate groups 61/2 hours a day.


The Special Attention Reason: We can administer prescribed medication, supervised confinement and/or a special diet, if needed, while your dog is in Daycare.

The Busy House Reason: Having a party or overnight guests? Remodeling or selling your house? Cleaning your carpet? Let us help you and your dog out when household routines are interrupted.

The New Puppy Reason: The special needs of puppies are met in Daycare, including help with housebreaking, extra feedings and nurturing.

Camp Diego Canine Daycare Center is a freestanding facility with 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space that has been designed specifically for the health, safety and comfort of your canine kids.

Our canine care programs encompass state-of-the-art knowledge, practice, environment and equipment. We offer Daycamp, Boarding, and Dog Bathing Services. We also have a Canine Boutique with a unique selection of apparel, treats, toys and other items chosen from selected distributors nationwide.


Please accept our invitation to visit Camp Diego. We would love to show you the very special services and accommodations we provide for people and their pets.
Tour hours: 10-11am and 1-3pm.

Hours of Operation
Day Camp: Monday-Friday 7 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Closed Sunday
Boarding: Daily

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